Iowa Dog Trust Program Overview

Iowa Dog Trust Program Overview.

The Iowa Dog Trust will offer programs designed to teach both young people & their adults all of the aspects of responsible dog ownership. When fully implemented, our programs will supply dog owners with all of the information they need for daily life with a dog.

One of the main sources of this information will be an interactive website. We will also provide free and low cost instructional seminars, workshops, medical consultations and dog adoption counseling.

Owning a dog should be fun! The Iowa Dog Trust will organize outings statewide. These will include fund raising events, adoption events, exhibitions and dog fairs. With the help of area groups we will also be presenting all forms of dog sport competitions, including (but not limited to) Agility and Obedience trials, Dock Dog and Frisbee Disc competitions and other trained disciplines.

With community involvement we also hope to provide assistance across the state to those owners who, for one reason or another, are no longer able to afford the level of care or training that their dogs need. We believe that the loss of a job, displacement or illness should not affect the lives of our “best friends.”

Building a strong unbreakable bond is the key to establishing life-long mutual trust and respect between a dog and an owner. To that end, we will also provide supervised after school programs and programs during the summer months. These programs will provide the opportunity for young people to work in a small group setting. It will allow them to receive some one-on-one training help. There will also be small group knowledge building workshops available.

Iowa Dog Trust Program Overview

Some young people might not have their own dog. If they want to learn proper handling and training methods we can help. We are calling on area shelters and rescue groups. When shelters and rescues provide adoptable dogs to our program it will be a “win-win situation.” It will give the young people in our program a chance to have “hands-on” time training and working with the dogs, while at the same time making the dogs more adoptable. Better trained dogs that are more used to positive human interaction are always be much easier to place in “forever homes.”

Paying It Forward By Helping Our Communities

Our fund raising efforts will provide a source of income for the above-mentioned programs and also help the communities we all live in. The Iowa Dog Trust will be helping to raise money to fund many great projects though out the state. From Police K9 programs, shelters and rescue groups, to dogs in need due to natural disasters like the floods and tornadoes of 2008. These funds will also help to fund our “K9 Friends” program.

K9 Friends
K9 Friends is a series of local outreach programs designed to get young people involved in all facets of community service and awareness. K9 friends will help in making public areas more people and pet safe, help to maintain local dog parks and recreational areas, visit the elderly, shut-ins and the disabled.

K9 Friends is a way for our youth to work toward a common goal, have fun together and to “pay it forward” in communities across the state.

Who We are Looking For

There is an old saying that it takes a community to raise a child! That also holds true for dogs.

The Iowa Dog Trust organization is now in the process of building alliances in all areas of the “Dog Community”. We ask for your support in these efforts. We realize that the level of support will vary from person to person and from business to business, and we only ask for a level of support that each person or group feels comfortable in giving.

As a supporting business, the people who use the programs we offer and the people that see our programs in action will know that your business supports us and will more than likely support your business because of it. As an IDT supporter you will also be “paying it forward”.

Do you want to be involved? Do you know someone that could help us with this program? Contact Us Today!

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“Adopting just one dog will not change the world, but the world will surely change for that one dog.”