Dog Trust Program Details

The Iowa Dog Trust offers programs designed to teach young people all of the aspects of responsible dog ownership. Our programs supply dog owners with all of the information they need for daily life with a dog.

1) We are in the process of developing an interactive website that offers information about all aspects of dog ownership. It includes informative, easy to read articles ranging from how to choose the right dog for your family, to grieving the loss of a beloved companion. It also provides “basic” training information and provides answers to all of the most frequently ask questions about dogs and training.

2) With the support of our associate businesses we will soon be providing free and low cost instructional seminars and workshops in order to show young people the correct way to interact and train their dog. Instructional seminars will be presented in a larger format whereas the workshops will be done in a small group setting so that individual needs may be addressed.

3) With the help of Veterinarians and Vet Techs across the state we hope to soon offer dog owners with expert medical consultations to prevent and seek out any health issues that effect our state’s pet population. This will be done through our seminar program and also by setting up localized “pet health awareness day” programs.

4) One of the biggest issues today is choosing the correct dog for a family’s lifestyle. Picking the wrong dog can cause serious problems for both pet and owner and often results in the dog going to a shelter or something even worse. Because of this we are working with shelter facilities and rescue groups to set up a dog adoption-counseling network. Once in place, we will be promoting it in the media and explaining how critical it is to pick up the correct dog.

5) To draw attention to the Iowa Dog Trust and to help promote our programs we will also put on some fun events throughout the year. The Iowa Dog Trust will organize several new statewide outings, as well as work with the established events in our state to make them even better and more widely attended.

6) Fund raising events are the key to providing funding for any group such as ours. But over and above funding our programs, our fund raising events can also help to sustain other programs in our state.

We fully intend to offer a portion of the donations given to the Iowa Dog Trust to shelters and rescue groups that are in need. We also support other donation supported programs such as Police K9 acquiescing and training, and a host of other great causes.

7) Everyone enjoys an outing with there pet. So we will be participating in the Iowa Dog Expo in Des Moines and host a few smaller exhibitions and dog fairs during the year. With the help of area groups these events will be presenting all forms of dog sport competitions, including (but not limited to) Agility and Obedience trials, Dock Dog and Frisbee Disc competitions and many other trained disciplines.

8) With community involvement we soon hope to provide assistance across the state to those owners who, for one reason or another, are no longer able to afford the level of care or training that their dogs need. We believe that the loss of a job, displacement or illness should not affect the lives of our “best friends”.

9) Building a strong unbreakable bond is the key to establishing life-long mutual trust and respect between dog and owner. In the coming year we will also provide supervised after school programs and programs during the summer months for middle school and high school aged students. These programs will not only provide the opportunity for young people to work in a small group setting and receive some one-on-one training help, there will also be small group knowledge building workshops available.

Iowa Dog Trust Program Details

For those young people who might not have their own dog, but would still like to learn proper handling methods, we are calling on area shelters and rescue groups to provide safe, adoptable dogs for our young people to work with and train. This is obviously a “win-win” situation as it will give our young people a chance to have some “hands-on” time while making these dogs more adoptable because they will be better trained and more used to positive human interaction.

10) “K9 Friends” will very likely become our legacy. “K9 Friends” is a series of local outreach programs designed to get young people involved in all facets of community service and awareness. Activities will range from making public areas safe for both people and pets, to maintaining dog parks and recreation areas, to taking our dogs to visit the elderly, shut-ins and the disabled.

“K9 Friends” is a way for our youth to work toward a common goal, have fun together and to “pay it forward” in communities all across the state.

11) A Youth Scholarship Program will be established and awarded yearly. High school students from across the state will have the opportunity to nominate fellow students to receive a $1000 scholarship to any Iowa college or university to study in the field of their choice. Winners will be determined by the board and judged on responsible dog ownership, training skills, and community service participation.

What We are Looking For
The Iowa Dog Trust organization is now in the process of building alliances in all areas of the “Dog Community”. We ask for your support. We realize that the level of support will vary from person to person and from business to business, and we only ask for a level of support that each person or group feels comfortable in giving.

As a supporting business, the people who use the programs we offer and the people that see our programs in action will know that you support us and will more than likely support your business. As an IDT supporter you will also have the satisfaction in knowing that you are “paying it forward” and helping save the lives of homeless dogs throughout the state.

Do you want to be involved? Do you know someone that could help us with this program? Please Contact Us Today!